PTS There are solutions

Post Traumatic Stress

When reality is not what it had been

You are supposed to be strong, helping other people.  Maybe it’s hard for you to reach out for help. You tell yourself that you can figure this out on your own.  You may tell yourself that you help other people with this very same thing.  Yet, time keeps on passing by and things may not be getting better.  Why can you not get out of this tail spin?  Your relationships may not be the same, even strained.  You may have chosen to close yourself off from your unit or marriage.  They can’t be let inside. This may be your way of wanting to protect them, protecting yourself.  You may not want to be judged or feel like you have let them down.  You can not be seen as week or flawed.  You feel or may chose to be alone, in darkness, in avoidance.  You may choose to numb these thoughts by sleeping, using alcohol or drugs. Anything to run away from facing things.

The pain of your experience may not only be emotional, it may also be felt physically.


There is hope!

Here at KAST Consultation we care for you in a holistic way which encompasses mind, body, spirit and relationships.

There are many techniques that can help you now not only resolve what you are going through but also prepare yourself in the case of future events!

Mind and body

We offers compassionate listening and concrete Mindmethods and tools to help you cross this time in your life.  Every person is different, so each persons session is personally tailored.

Some of the techniques used (yet not limited to): Breathing, Hypnoisis, Mindscaping, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), graphology and much more.

We continuously seek out the most efficient techniques so that we can better care for your specific needs.



AliveThose whom are Christians, Catholics or whom are open: we also offer prayer ministry.  We have been granted permission by our Diocese to offer prayers of deliverance and to pray for healing. Our prayer ministry is done in respect and in simplicity.




HandsSometimes, unintentionally, our relationships pay a price due to post traumatic stress.  We have been trained with the Robbins and Madanes Center of Strategic Intervention and we can assist you and your family members (spouse, children, parents and siblings), closest friends and units. We are relational beings, supporting and having the support for one another during this time is important if not crucial.


Comfort from your doorstep forward

Those who live within the Montreal, heart of Quebec, Trois-Rivières (Mauricie) and Québec corridor, it is possible to organize weekly visits to get you out of your environment (it can be for a simple walk, help running errands, or whatever we discus).



weaponsWhen we first started to specialize in post traumatic stress a question kept crossing our mind : What if there was a way to prevent post traumatic stress? We started to get curious and look for answers so that we may be at the forefront of the possibility. We continue to seek out the answers and we share any useful tips to help overturn this natural phenomenon.

This is your life, and is is well worth living.

We hope we can be of assistance to you and your loved ones.

One of our visions is to have a center of care, a one stop place for your mind, body, spiritual and relationships.  Where you can easily have access to massage, therapy, coaching, prayer, research and education to help you on your journey.  Until that day comes we work in conjunction with other specialists to ensure you are receiving the care you need and deserve.