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KAST Consultation helps athletes and professionals breakthrough to their best.  We believe that you already hold your solutions within you. In your own unique way, you are a superhero! Sometimes you may require assistance to awaken that part of yourself.

We help superheroes reconnect with their super powers!

Passionate about human potential, Kimberly Anne St-Laurent (founder of KAST Consultation) has had a great interest in the human mind, human potential and success since an early age.  She has been studying different fields to becoming a strategist, hypnotist, breakthrough specialist. speaker and coach.  She is a lifelong learner seeking to be at the cutting edge of the industry. She is playful, charming, compassionate, competitive and curious.

Dedicated to results Our coaches can’t do the work for you, yet we are sure passionate to getting you to where you want to go with the most effective means, saving you time, money and energy.

Part of your team, our coaches work alongside with your medical professionals.  If you already have a medical diagnosis, we ask a referral and an agreement on behalf of your doctor.  Our staff at KAST Consultation are not medical professionals, we cannot prescribe nor can we diagnose.  In the event you require help outside of our specialty or capacity, we will work together to find and refer you to the correct specialist who will be able to assist you.

We are experts in our field

Our founder, Kimberly Anne St-Laurent has had a wide range of training.  Here is a quick list:
Hypnosis, NLP, Strategic Intervention Coach Training, Marriage Education and Divorce Prevention, Breakthrough Specialist Training, Working With Woman, Psy Tap, F.A.S.T., Graphology and more…

Here is the link to her Linkedin profile:

Kimberly Anne St-Laurent on Linkedin

Receipts for insurance companies

Kimberly Anne St-Laurent has been recognized as a Naturotherapist and is part of the ANQ (Association des Naturothérapeute du Québec) and in such can emit receipts for insurance companies for residences of Canada.